Defines an HTTP POSToperation associated with the mapping.

For a given operation on a given mapping you define here what should be the Sequence or Transaction (Requestable) to be executed, and how will the variables for this requestable will be mapped:
• To assign a requestable to this operation drag and drop a Sequence or a Transaction to this operation or edit the Target requestable property.
• To define a variable mapping, right click-> new and choose parameter type.
• To define a HTTP response code mapping, right click-> new and choose response.

Property Type Category Description
Comment String standard Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report.
This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Output content DataContent standard Defines the data output content for the operation.
Target requestable String standard Defines the target sequence or transaction to request for the operation.
Terminate session boolean expert Defines if the session should be terminate if no other context exists in the session.
If true and without named context for this session, the session ending is requested. If false, the session is not altered.