This chapter contains all appendixes related to the Reference Manual

Keycodes table

This appendix contains the list of keycodes Convertigo can send to any HTML object through a Key statement.

Table A - 1: Keycode table

Key Pressed Javascript KeyCode
backspace 8
tab 9
enter 13
shift 16
ctrl 17
alt 18
pause/break 19
caps lock 20
escape 27
page up 33
page down 34
end 35
home 36
left arrow 37
up arrow 38
right arrow 39
down arrow 40
insert 45
delete 46
0 48
1 49
2 50
3 51
4 52
5 53
6 54
7 55
8 56
9 57
a 65
b 66
c 67
d 68
e 69
f 70
g 71
h 72
i 73
j 74
k 75
l 76
m 77
n 78
o 79
p 80
q 81
r 82
s 83
t 84
u 85
v 86
w 87
x 88
y 89
z 90
left window key 91
right window key 92
select key 93
numpad 0 96
numpad 1 97
numpad 2 98
numpad 3 99
numpad 4 100
numpad 5 101
numpad 6 102
numpad 7 103
numpad 8 104
numpad 9 105
multiply 106
add 107
subtract 109
decimal point 110
divide 111
f1 112
f2 113
f3 114
f4 115
f5 116
f6 117
f7 118
f8 119
f9 120
f10 121
f11 122
f12 123
num lock 144
scroll lock 145
semi-colon 186
equal sign 187
comma 188
dash 189
period 190
forward slash 191
grave accent 192
open bracket 219
back slash 220
close bracket 221
single quote 222

Date format - Usable symbols

This appendix contains the list of usable symbols for formatting dates.

Date and time formats are specified by date and time pattern strings. Within date and time pattern strings, unquoted letters from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and from ‘a’ to ‘z’ are interpreted as pattern letters representing the components of a date or time string.

Text can be quoted using single quotes (‘) to avoid interpretation. “’’” represents a single quote. All other characters are not interpreted; they’re simply copied into the output string during formatting or matched against the input string during parsing.

The following pattern letters are defined (all other characters from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and from ‘a’ to ‘z’ are reserved):

Table A - 2: Date format - Usable Symbols

G Era designator Text AD
y Year Year 1996 & 96
M Month in year Month July & Jul & 07
w Week in year Number 27
W Week in month Number 2
D Day in year Number 189
d Day in month Number 10
F Day of week in month Number 2
E Day in week Text Tuesday & Tue
a Am/pm marker Text PM
H Hour in day (0-23) Number 0
k Hour in day (1-24) Number 24
K Hour in am/pm (0-11) Number 0
h Hour in am/pm (1-12) Number 12
m Minute in hour Number 30
s Second in minute Number 55
S Millisecond Number 978
z Time zone General time zone Pacific Standard Time & PST & GMT-08:00
Z Time zone RFC 822 time zone -0800

Convertigo paths variables - Usable symbols

This appendix contains the list of Convertigo paths variables available in Site Clipper objects using replacement strings. In replacement string properties, you can use specific symbols, that will allow you to compute in runtime some well known paths.

The following symbols are available:

Table A - 3: Convertigo paths variables - Usable Symbols

Variable name Retreived value
project_path retrieves the path to your current project
siteclipper_path retrieves the Site Clipper path
host_path retrieves the Site Clipper path and the target host path (without the resource path)
tail_path retrieves the Site Clipper path, the target host path and the resource path (without the resource)

In order to use such symbols, just add $< symbol >$ into your replacement string value. You can use as many symbols as you want and at any location. All symbols are computed accordingly to the current project/connector/context. You can use them in order to make the objects using replacement strings more maintainable and simplier. This is also useful because you do not have to deal with project name (it can change for instance between a development environment and a production one). This makes your string replacements dynamic.


Let’s say Convertigo receives the following Site Clipper request:

Uable symbols
Usable symbols

The previously described variables are computed with the following values:

  • $project_path$ = “/convertigo/projects/my_project”
  • $siteclipper_path$ = “/convertigo/projects/my_project/connector=my_connector,context=my_context.siteclipper”
  • $host_path$ = “/convertigo/projects/my_project/connector=my_connector,context=my_context.siteclipper/http/remote_host,18080”
  • $tail_path$ = “/convertigo/projects/my_project/connector=my_connector,context=my_context.siteclipper/http/remote_host,18080/remote/path”

Legacy emulator actions table

An action is a special keystroke that an emulator can execute as ENTER or SOMMAIRE. This appendix contains the list of the valid emulator actions Convertigo can send to Javelin emulator, depending on the emulator type.

Table A - 4: Videotex emulator - Actions table

Description Code
Suite KSuite
Sommaire KSommaire
Guide KGuide
Répétition KRepetition
Annulation KAnnulation
Correction KCorrection
Retour KRetour
Envoi KEnvoi
Connexion/Fin KCnxFin

Table A - 5: VT220 emulator - Actions table

Description Code
F1 F01
F2 F02
F3 F03
F4 F04
F5 F05
F6 F06
F7 F07
F8 F08
F9 F09
F10 F10
F11 F11
F12 F12

Table A - 6: Bull emulator - Actions table

Description Code
FKCx [1..12] FKCx
Right arrow RIGHT
Left arrow LEFT
Up arrow UP
Down arrow DOWN
Delete active partition CLEARAP
Delete end of partition CLEAREP
Initialize active partition INITAP
Initialize two partitions INITBP
Partial initialization INITPA
Insert line INSLINE
Delete line SUPLINE
Delete end of line ERAEOL
Move cursor to begin of line CURBOL
Move cursor to begin of map CURHOME
Delete character DELCHAR
Insert character INSCHAR
Tabulation TAB
Back tabulation BTAB
Insert tabulation INSTAB
Delete tabulation CLRTAB
Baskspace BS
Total transmission XMITALL
Transmission XMIT

Table A - 7: IBM emulator - Actions table

Description Code
PAx [1..3] KEY_PAx [1..3]
PFx [1..24] KEY_PFx [1..24]
Right arrow KEY_CURRIGHT
Left arrow KEY_CURLEFT
Up arrow KEY_CURUP
Down arrow KEY_CURDOWN
Backspace KEY_BACKSP
Tabulation KEY_TAB
Back tabulation KEY_BACKTAB
Move cursor to begin of map KEY_HOME
Duplication KEY_DUP
Field mark KEY_FLDMRK
Delete end of line KEY_ERASEEOF
Current selection KEY_CURSEL