Creates an XML attribute node based on a JavaScript expression.

The jAttribute step adds an attribute node to parent generated XML element in the sequence XML output.
The XML attribute resulting from this step can be output in the response XML of the sequence if the Output property is set to true, or used as a source by any other following step.
The attribute is named after the value of the Node name property, its value is set thanks to a JavaScript expression defined in Expression property. If the JavaScript expression is null, the XML attribute contains the value of the Default value property.

• A jAttribute step can only be added under Element steps, jElement steps and Complex steps.
• No step can be added under a jAttribute step.

Property Type Category Description
Attribute namespace String standard Defines the namespace to use for this attribute.
Leave it blank for no namespace.
Attribute namespace URI String standard Defines the URI associated with the namespace.
Leave it blank for no namespace.
Comment String standard Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report.
This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Default value String standard Defines the default text value of the node.
This property allows defining a default value to use when no content is specified thanks to the Expression property of if this expression returns null.
Expression JS expression standard Defines the expression evaluated to give the output text.
This property is a JavaScript expression that is evaluated during the sequence execution and gives the text string to output in the generated attribute.
Is active boolean standard Defines whether the step is active.
Node name String standard Defines the name of the generated XML attribute.
This property can contain any name, no words are reserved, and must follow the rules on XML naming:

• it can contain letters, numbers, and other characters,
• it cannot start with a number,
• it cannot contain spaces nor punctuation character.
Assigned XSD Simple type QName XmlQName expert Defines the schema base type to assign as a type to this simple XML element.
This property allows to assign a simple XSD type to the simple XML element generated by this step. It can only be used when the step actually generates a simple XML element.