Generates a hash code from a given file.

The Hash code step generates a hash code from a given file using a predefined algorithm, that can be configured using the Hash algorithm property.

Property Type Category Description
Comment String standard Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report.
This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Hash algorithm HashAlgorithm standard Defines the algorithm to use for file hashing.
This property can take one of the following values:

MD5: uses MD5 algorithm to generate the hash from the file,
SHA-1: uses SHA-1 algorithm to generate the hash from the file.
Is active boolean standard Defines whether the step is active.
Node name String standard Defines the tag name of the generated XML element.
This property can contain any name, no words are reserved, and must follow the rules on XML naming:

• it can contain letters, numbers, and other characters,
• it cannot start with a number,
• it cannot contain spaces nor punctuation character.
Offset JS expression standard Defines the offset in bytes from where the hash starts.
This property allows you to hash just a part of your file. The offset must not be bigger than the file size.
Source JS expression standard Defines the path of the file to hash.
This property is a JavaScript expression that is evaluated during the sequence execution and gives the path of the file to hash.
This path is either absolute or relative to Convertigo environment. Relative paths starting with:

./ are relative to Convertigo workspace,
.// are relative to current project folder.
Output boolean expert Defines whether the XML generated by this step should be appended to the resulting XML.
Set this property to true to add the step’s resulting XML to the sequence’s output XML (default value for steps generating XML). Set this property to false to prevent the steps’s XML result to appear in the sequence’s output XML.
Setting this property to false does not prevent the step’s generated XML from being used as a source by other steps.