Generate a PDF with dynamic data in it.

The PDF form step allows you to generate a PDF. You can use a tool such as PDFescape to make your PDF dynamic. You can use a complex containing elements to add dynamic values in your PDF. The elements names must be the name of your fields, then add its values.
The template file path can be either relative or absolute :
• ./ are relative to Convertigo workspace.
• .// are relative to current project folder.
• For absolute path you need to escape “".
Two actions are possible : fillForm and getFields.
For the Fields property you can source your fields created with a complex type, or use a JSON Object type expression.
If using a JSON Object type expression, this must be of the type : {key: value} where ‘key’ is your field name and ‘value’ its value.

If you want to insert images in the PDF. You must create in the template for each image placeholder a “Submit” Button field with the size and position you would like the image to be inserted. The Form Fill Step will automatically scale the image to the Size of the button.
The Image data can be in base64 format (Without the data:image/xxxx;base64, header) or can be a JPG or GIF file on disk. In this case just give the path to the image file.
Action :
fillForm : Fill the form fields with values. You can use either complex type with elements or JSON Object type expression.
getFields : Collect all the fields of your PDF template. Return a XML schema.

Property Type Category Description
Comment String standard Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report.
This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Fields SmartType standard The fields that will be contained in the form. To check checkboxes three values are possible : “On”, “True”, “Yes”.
Is active boolean standard Defines whether the step is active.
PDF template path SmartType standard The PDF template path. ex : .//data/documents/template.pdf
Target File Path SmartType standard The target file path where the PDF file will be generated.
Action Action expert Action you want to do. ‘fillForm’ intents to fill the fields. ‘getFields’ allows you to collect all the fields in a PDF.
Output boolean expert Defines whether the XML generated by this step should be appended to the resulting XML.
Set this property to true to add the step’s resulting XML to the sequence’s output XML (default value for steps generating XML). Set this property to false to prevent the steps’s XML result to appear in the sequence’s output XML.
Setting this property to false does not prevent the step’s generated XML from being used as a source by other steps.