Raises a Convertigo Engine exception.

In some circumstances, it is necessary to explicitly raise a Convertigo Engine exception. This is reflected as a SoapFaultException for SOAP web service callers or by an error structure in XML output for any other caller.
Message and Details properties can be set to complex JavaScript expressions, mixing text strings and data from variables. These expressions are evaluated during the sequence execution and build a dynamic message and details output in the raised exception.
The error XML structure contains a type attribute, which value is automatically set to c8o in case of Exception. It allows to differentiate an irrecoverable Server error from a project/applicative error created using an Error step (type attribute value is then project).
A jException step breaks the sequence execution flow, the sequence ends just after this step’s execution (contrary to Error step which does not break the execution flow).

Property Type Category Description
Comment String standard Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report.
This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Details JS expression standard Provides additional details about the triggered error.
This property allows the developer to dynamically add some details content in the raised Exception, depending on the sequence execution.
Is active boolean standard Defines whether the step is active.
Message JS expression standard Provides the (humanly readable) error message.
This property allows the developer to dynamically define the message text of the raised Exception, depending on the sequence execution.
Output boolean expert Defines whether the XML generated by this step should be appended to the resulting XML.
Set this property to true to add the step’s resulting XML to the sequence’s output XML (default value for steps generating XML). Set this property to false to prevent the steps’s XML result to appear in the sequence’s output XML.
Setting this property to false does not prevent the step’s generated XML from being used as a source by other steps.