Stores a variable/object in the session.

The Set in session step allows to easily store a value that will be recoverable using its key.
Note: The HTTP session is shared by all contexts that are executed for a same user’s requests.

Property Type Category Description
Comment String standard Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report.
This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Is active boolean standard Defines whether the step is active.
Key String standard The key of the variable/object to store in session, i.e. the variable name.
The variable/object to store in session is identified by a key, also called name. This property allows to specify the name of the variable/object to store (in order to be recoverable later using the same key, for example using the Get from session step).
Value SmartType standard The variable/object to store in session, i.e. the value.
This property is a “smart type” property, that allows to specify the variable/object to store in session.
A “smart type” property can be of one of the following types:

• a text: the value is therefore a default text value,
• a JavaScript expression: the value is therefore a JavaScript expression that is evaluated at sequence execution,
• a source: the value is a source and can be picked using the source picker. A source is defined as a reference on a step previously existing in the parent sequence, associated with an XPath applied on the step’s result DOM. At runtime, the XPath is applied on the step’s current execution result XML and extracts a list of XML nodes resulting from this execution.
Output boolean expert Defines whether the XML generated by this step should be appended to the resulting XML.
Set this property to true to add the step’s resulting XML to the sequence’s output XML (default value for steps generating XML). Set this property to false to prevent the steps’s XML result to appear in the sequence’s output XML.
Setting this property to false does not prevent the step’s generated XML from being used as a source by other steps.