Defines an Image component.

This component acts as the standard HTML img tag.
An Image can be used alone or within a Thumbnail Item or Avatar Item component.
Configure its src property to the source url of the image. It can be a local url: assets/myimage.png or a remote url: or even a base64 data url.

Image used alone can be configured in size trough its width and height properties. These can be pixels: 100px or percentage of the available space: 100%.
To center an Image, place it inside a Text Format component with property Align center set.
For more information: Image.

Name Description
alt Set the alt attribute which gets assigned to the inner img element.
height The image height (in pixels add px eg: 200px, in points add pt eg: 20pt).
src The image url. Can be absolute (http(s)://) or relative to project (assets/myimage.png). Can also be a Base64 Embedded images (…….).
width The image width (in pixels add px eg: 200px, in points add pt eg: 20pt).
Comment Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report. This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Identifier Defines the component identifier.
Is active Defines whether the component is active.