Defines a CallSequence action component.

This component helps invoking a Convertigo Sequence which may be specified through the Requestable property.
Add a CallSequence under a PageEvent, an Event or another Action.
If the targeted sequence requires some input variables, you can add to your action the needed Variable components by hand or by the ‘import’ menu which appears by right-clicking on your CallSequence action.
The returned data can be accessed from any underneath action using the out typescript variable.
For more information : Sequencer.

If you want to disable loading controller, you can set property disable loading controller to true.

Name Description
Disable auto login Defines if we want to disable auto login
Disable loading controller Defines if we want to disable loading controller showing
Local cache policy Defines the local cache policy.
Local cache time to live Defines the local cache time to live (in milliseconds).
Marker Defines the requestable’s marker.
Requestable Defines the target requestable.
Threshold Defines the minimum time to wait for the Loading spinner to show up (in milliseconds).
Timeout Defines the maximum time to wait for the response (in milliseconds). May be used to detect slow network conditions.
Comment Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report. This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Is active Defines whether the component is active.