Defines an Animate action component.

You can use the Animate action to animate a component when an event occurs. To do this, just place the action under the event. It can be a (click) or (tap) event or even a Page didEnter event. The animation will take place when the event is triggered.

View the elements with an Identifier property set. Select here one element Identifier to animate.
Apply mode
Animate only the selected element (single) or all elements (all) with the same Identifier value.
You can also chain animations to animate in parrallel (Sibling Animate actions) or serial (Child Animate actions).

Animations are based on the animate.css package

Name Description
Animation name Specify the animation name see animate.css
Delay Specify the animation delay in ms
Direction Specify the animation direction
Duration Specify the animation duration in ms. If not specified, duration is 0ms by default which means no animation will run.
Fill mode Specify the animation fill mode
Iteration count Specify the animation iteration count or infinite
Play state Specify the animation play state
Timing function Specify the animation timing function
Animatable Defines the component to animate.
Apply mode Defines whether the animation apply on a single component or on all components.
Comment Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report. This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Is active Defines whether the component is active.