Establishes connections to the NoSQL CouchDB database for FullSync.

FullSync Connector enables reading and writing from the CouchDB database server configured for this Server. The CouchDB server access has to be configured in the engine settings. The FullSync connector supports several types of FullSync transactions to interact with the database. A standard process for using FullSync would be :

• Having a Sequence to call some back end data source and read data
• Use the FullSync Connector to write data to the CouchDB server by using a PostBulkDocuments or a PostDocument transaction
• Having this data to be replicated to the mobile Device thanks to the replication protocol
• On the mobile device the user can modify and update local data
• Data is replicated back to the CouchDB server
• A FullSync listener will call an Update sequence with all the updated data
• This sequence is responsible to update data in the back end system.

Property Type Category Description
Anonymous Replication FullSyncAnonymousReplication standard Allow or deny pull synchronization for a non authenticated session.
This property can be allow and anonymous user (no authenticated user) can pull replicate the FullSync database. The property can be deny and an authenticated user session is mandatory for pull synchronization.
Comment String standard Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report.
This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
JSON use type attributes boolean standard Defines if the XML to JSON converter handle type attribute to build JSON type.
With this property true, the type attribute of the complex element is used to build jSON content to match that type. Types can be:

• object
• array
• string
• boolean
• null
• integer
• long
• double
• float

Without this ‘type’ attribute, the element is converted in the same way as the false value.You may use this setting to be sure that Complex jSON structures a preserved when you post them to the FullSync Connector.
Secure Database boolean standard Defines if the Database need authentication for direct CouchDB access.
If true, Convertigo will automatically configure the CouchDB Database with a _security document to deny anonymous direct access to CouchDB.
Billing Java class String expert Defines the Java class name executed for billing pruposes.
Convertigo supports a plugin architecture offering billing functionalities. Set the name of the billing class to be called by Convertigo for billing purposes.
Carioca authentication boolean expert Defines whether the connector requires a Carioca authentication.
Set to true if you require that only Carioca-authenticated users be able to use this connector.
End transaction String expert Defines the transaction to execute before removing the context.
When a Convertigo context is removed, the specified “End transaction” is executed. Place in this transaction any clean up code, for example a Logout transaction.