Establishes connections with a CICS application.

A CICS Transaction Gateway can host several servers running different applications. In a CICS application, the display and business logics are usually managed in distinct programs.
Programs exchange input and output data through a memory pool called COMMAREA (COMMON AREA). The COMMAREA is usually mapped by a definition of COBOL data included in communicating programs. This definition can be stored in two ways:

• built in the source code of the CICS program,
• stored in a separate file, called copybook, that is copied when compiling.

From a Convertigo point of view, a CICS connector represents a gateway server.

Property Type Category Description
Comment String standard Describes the object comment to include in the documentation report.
This property generally contains an explanation about the object.
Mainframe String standard Defines the mainframe name (or its IP address).
Port int standard Defines the server port number.
Server String standard Defines the server name (or its IP address).
User id String standard Defines the user identification for connecting to the CICS server.
User password String standard Defines the user password for connecting to the CICS server.
Billing Java class String expert Defines the Java class name executed for billing pruposes.
Convertigo supports a plugin architecture offering billing functionalities. Set the name of the billing class to be called by Convertigo for billing purposes.
Carioca authentication boolean expert Defines whether the connector requires a Carioca authentication.
Set to true if you require that only Carioca-authenticated users be able to use this connector.
End transaction String expert Defines the transaction to execute before removing the context.
When a Convertigo context is removed, the specified “End transaction” is executed. Place in this transaction any clean up code, for example a Logout transaction.